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Times to Expand Your Church Facility


Are you wondering if your church requires an expansion?  It is often difficult to tell if now is the time, so you will need to weigh the pros and cons before moving forward.  That is why it is important to get as much information as you can on the subject.

Below is a list of 4 ways to know if it is time to expand your church.

1. Your Current Loan Payments are Paid off or Very Manageable

The absolute first thing to recognize before you get a loan for expansion is if the current facility still has a mortgage.  If monthly payments on a current loan are difficult to fulfill, it is normally not the time to expand the facilities.  This is in stark contrast from when the property is entirely paid off.

When your facility is entirely paid off – not only do you not have monthly payments, you also have equity in your building which will make receiving a new loan much simpler.  If you have no outstanding loans on your church, and you meet one or multiple of the points listed below, it is likely time to expand your facilities.

2. Ministry Capacity Needs Additional Space

Your ministry is likely growing if the church attendance is.  Expanding the space for the ministry can allow for more individuals to be served by your church than otherwise possible.  For example, if you expand into a new area – you can grow your ministry in that area, helping a whole new community.

3. Worship Capacity is Maxed Out

Other than your ministry growing, your church’s attendance during services may have maxed out.  You want to make sure anyone who wants to attend your sermons is able to.  If there are people standing in the back of your church at every sermon, it is likely true that you desperately need to expand your facilities.


Most congregations consider their services full at 80% occupied, but a family will likely consider a church 70% full as too packed.  It is extremely difficult for a family of 5 to find available seats for everyone to sit together in a service that is 70% occupied.

You should of course factor in holidays.  Easter will always be more packed than a normal Sunday – so don’t let particular popular days of the year get you to expand prematurely.  But if you are out of options at your current facility – it is time to expand.

4. Area not up to Code or Safety is Compromised

Even if your church is not rapidly expanding, you will need to expand or at least add property improvements if your facility is not safe for it’s members.  Children climbing up overly steep stairs, handicap individuals unable to use your restrooms easily, the nursery security not up to par – these are all reasons that you need to update your church’s facilities regardless of growth in memberships.

Some of these safety concerns may just require a bit of a renovation, but some may actually require an expansion of your facility.  Ignoring lawsuits that can potentially ruin your organization, you just want to make sure the safety of your members is your number one priority.


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