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Is your organization looking for small church loans? No matter if you’re looking to expand your small church, update an existing building with a small church loan, or fund a special project, we can help! We specialize in California small church loans with less hassle.

That’s why we help small churches get small loans with less red tape. There’s no need to provide extensive documentation or fill out endless forms with a California Church Loan agent. We offer speedy small church loans in California with simple income verification and fast closing times- often within 2-4 days!

Small Church Financing in California

Sometimes, you just want an updated look for your church to help attract new parishioners or visitors. If you’re outdated church needs a small remodel, we can help with a small church loan in the California area. Worn pew cushions and carpets, rusted hardware, and energy wasting windows and furnaces can all be updated with a loan for your small church.

Church Loans for Faith Projects

You can use your California small church loan for a variety of projects or uses. Whatever your church needs is right now, we have the church loan you’re looking for. A small church loan may be perfect for your congregation, and BDM Mortgage Services will work with you every step of the way to obtain your small church loan.

How to Apply for a Church Loan

To start the church loan process, all you need is an existing church building and a few documents. The appraisal process is quick and simple and you can quickly get approved for up to 50 percent of the appraised value of your church. Once the loan is approved, the funds are dispatched quickly and all that’s left is getting started on making your church a better place to serve and worship

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