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It’s a new year which means it’s time to start fresh with your Church’s resolutions.  Along with building your congregation and increasing your attendance, you don’t want to put off your needed church improvements any longer. 

Is your church growing faster than your building can handle? You can now expand your sanctuary, add walls and new rooms, get a parsonage for the pastor, and start a school, which are just some of the ways you can help your church keep up in 2019. 

We have also explored how solar panels can be used to not only improve your church properties value, but how they can actually save you on electricity costs.  We highly suggest reading that blog on how this property improvement can be utilized by your church. 

These modifications don’t stop at just improvements.  You know what has been put off when it comes to repairing your church.  Holes in roofs, broken or inefficient air conditioners, parking lot repaving, replacing pews, or just about anything else that may be needed.  2019 is the time to get it all fixed. 
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Unfortunately, it can be difficult for a church to find financing through traditional institutions.  You often won’t find this out until you are given the run around for weeks, potentially months.  At BDM we have been working with churches just like yours to get the financing they need.  Simple, no personal guarantee, and receive your money fast.

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