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Have you experienced difficulty getting a loan for your church in the past?

Although not publicized, most institutional lenders such as banks rarely arrange loans for churches. Though the bank will not tell you this up front, it will become quite evident as weeks turn into months without a loan approval while the entire time the bank continues to request additional information. You wont have to worry about this with BDM.

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To start the church loan process, all you need is an existing church building and a few documents. The appraisal process is quick and simple and you can quickly get approved for up to 50 percent of the appraised value of your church. Once the loan is approved, the funds are dispatched quickly and all that’s left is getting started on making your church a better place to serve and worship

What does a Church Loan Cover?

Property Improvements

  • New Pews, Carpet, Paint
  • Roof Repair
  • Heating / Air Conditioning
  • Re-pave Parking Lot
  • Upgrade Sound System
  • Stucco Church Exterior


  • Does the existing loan have a balloon payment?
  • Did any member of the Church personally guarantee that loan?
  • Are you paying a high interest rate?


  • Expanding the sanctuary
  • Adding Solar Panels
  • Starting / Expanding A Christian School
  • Adding walls and other structural amenities

Purchasing Additional Property

  • Additional Parking Space
  • Parsonage for the Pastor
  • Larger Sanctuary

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